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Raiko's raimeiken (thunder roar fist)Ryoko throws Saeba

This page contains all messages which appear in Be Bop Bout!, a card game from TEMPEST.

Since its pan-world release in 1997, now you can create an English disk out of your Japanese original.

Have an empty disk, this .lzh archive and a Japanese disk, then swap disks a few times following detailed instruction - and here you have these!!

To acquire full English (or original Japanese) version of this brilliant real-time card game for 1000 yen (16 NFL) or 1000 pesetas, contact TEMPEST, me or Ramon Ribas.

1. What doestitlemean?

It has nothing to do with Be-Bop with jazz trumpet. In Japan, there is a manga called "Be Bop High-school", a story of high school students who love streetfights. Thus came the title, conjunction of this manga and 'bout' (show-biz style martial fight match).

2. Why they are fighting over budget?

As background, the school committee decided, as part of financial recession, to leave only one martial art club and abolish others. And they told clubs to decide the winner in battles which take place during Bunkasai (annual festival commonly held in Japanese schools, where you display constructed items or perform plays - like in Ryoko stage).

3. Who is Shochan?

There is another manga drawn by famous late cartoonist Fujiko Fujiko F (author of ever-so-famous Doraemon), "ObaQ", featuring a three-haired monster similar to Raiko's guise. He is coward, and always calls for his human friend Shochan's help.

4. Then who is Shinchan?

It's just Saeba's first name, added with "chan" which is used when you call a child, or in mockery (this is the case with Raiko calling Saeba).


Banner in Raiko stage Box written "3-1" in Ryoko stage
join kenpo club!
Join Kenpo Club!

Drama Club



Kenpo is almighty and best after all!!
After defeating
Goda Ryoko Saeba himself Mask

Power cannot bring me down!
Kenpo is almighty and best after all!! He's a dangerous opponent unless I'm prepared. You are pretty powerful for an imitator. Budget is mine.

Before fighting himself

(Happy face of Raiko) Raiko "I did it! Budget is mine!"

"Wait there!"

(Struck Raiko) Raiko "Huh?"

Clone appears

Raiko "One more of me?"

"What you say, imitator!
After trying to snatch my budget.
Give me that!"

Two faces

Raiko "Then try grabbin' it with force!"

Before fighting Mask

(Raiko's happy face) Raiko "Now budget is mine for sure!"


Raiko "Arrgghh..."

School building

Raiko "Whoever you are, hurry up! Show yourself!"

Raiko asks

Raiko "Let me ask, who you are!"

Mask replies

My name is Masked Fire.

Two faces

Raiko' My pleasure!'


Full smile

Raiko "I've done it! Now this dojo is mine. Grinning...

Eyes turn into dots

Raiko "Eh?"

Face of doubt

Raiko "What are you doing, you?"

Three appear

Gouda "Hi, our club chief Raiko, you have come solemnly late."


Raiko "Why you're here!"


Ryoko "Since we were defeated and lost our clubs and budgets, we joined kenpo club."


Raiko "Pardon?"


Ryoko "But kenpo doesn't suit our bodies much.

So! We have an idea!"

Ryoko "I am a leader of kenpo club's karate section!"

Goda "Then, I am a leader of kenpo club's judo section!"

Saeba "And I am a leader of kenpo club's boxing section. Know me as so."

Raiko "I can't know you as so.

W, what in the hell is this."

Ryoko "There can't be any problem, you don't have other members anyway."

Goda "Yes, we took all our club members with us."

Saeba "Or do you wanna go on alone? I know you won't last long, however."

Raiko "Urrghh..."

Raiko "You bastards!!!"



Shame you call yourself an almighty.
After defeating
Gouda Raiko Saeba herself Mask

Sorry Goda.
Shame you call yourself an almighty That was close, because he was serious! I was scared! I'm stronger and prettier. Budget is mine.


Before fighting herself

Happy face of Ryoko

Ryoko "Yeeah, I did it!

Now budget is mine!"



Ryoko "Heh?"

Clone appears

Ryoko "Oh, you're me."

"I won't let an imitator have my money!"

Two faces

Ryoko "I had hard time getting this!

I'll never give this to you!"

Before fighting Mask

Ryoko's happy face

Ryoko "Now budget is mine for sure!"


Ryoko "Oh my..."

School building

Ryoko "Who's next?"

Ryoko "What's your dress all about?"

Mask replies

"My name is Masked Fire.
I want your budget for my pro-wresting organization
to be promoted as proper school club! Fight me!"

Two faces

Ryoko "Stop your selfish!"


Ryoko in shower room

Ryoko "Oh, wonderful.

I always wanted to add a shower room."

Raiko in guise enters (* Arrow says "Raiko")

How can I forget this shame! (slowly)


Smash, smash!

Raiko "I, it hurts, help me Shochan!"

Ryoko "Who the hell Shochan is, as if you're his friend ObaQ the ghost!

You pervert!!"

Crush! Smash!

Raiko lying strangled

Raiko "...Sho,


The story went, then she had no money to repair the broken shower room, which became
unusable, and turned into club miscellany storage...


You are handsome like I am.
After defeating
Ryoko Raiko Saeba himself Mask

I hate slapping girls down really...

This should've taught you my might, Raiko idiot!
Power always makes a man himself! You are handsome as I am.
Budget is mine!

Before fighting himself

Happy face of Goda

Goda "Hahaha, budget is mine!"


Struck Goda

Goda "What, do you have any claims?"

Clone appears

"Yes I do, you imitator!

Just give your budget to me!"

Two faces

Goda "You idiot, do a fight then!"

Before fighting Mask

Goda's happy face

Goda "Now budget is undeniably mine!"


School building

Masked Fire appears

Goda "Someone's still remaining."

Mask reply

"My name is Masked Fire.

I want your budget for my pro-wresting organization to be promoted as proper school club! Fight me!"

Two faces

Goda "Ha!

I can take any number of enemies!"


Sayuri the manager and Goda

Goda "Oh, Sayuri, thank you.

I think this victory will make your club management easier."

Sayuri "Excuse me, but...."

Goda notices

Goda "Hm?"

Goda is surprised

Goda "Wh...

What is this!"

Goda "Dojo window repair, wall repair, floor repair, door repair, ceiling repair... medical care for our members' injuries!

Goda "Broken arms, legs and collarbones, swollen muscles, disjoints.... zero remain.. no, account is minus..."

Sayuri "E, excuse me..."

Sayuri "my elder Raiko, speaking thing like mixed-genre match, began randori with our reluctant members...."

Goda "That bloody bastard!"

Goda chases Raiko

Goda "You fucking Raiko, stay there!"

Raiko "Forgive me. Ack!

Your face scares."

Goda "...K,

kkkkkkkill you!!"


Scores between you and me were settled I think.
After defeating
Ryoko Raiko Goda himself Mask
Do flower decoration or something and you'll look better. This settled the scores between you and me I think Try using some more brain. Get lost! A teacher of good age... ha!


Before fighting himself

Happy face of Saeba

Saeba "Huh, it was a piece of cake."

Struck Saeba

Saeba "What?"

Clone appears

Saeba "You... what are you thinking?"

"Huh, that's not a word from imitator."

Two faces

Saeba "I kill you!"

Before fighting Mask

Saeba's happy face

Saeba "Nobody can beat me.

Even when it's against myself."


Saeba "Shit, there's still another."

School building

Mask replies

"My name is Masked Fire.

I want your budget for my pro-wresting organization to be promoted as proper school club! Fight me!"

Two faces

Saeba "Looks too much study finally had blown your brain off, teacher!!"


Raiko circulating around Saeba

Raiko "Lucky, lucky, Shinchan boy.

Give me at least third of it.

Or, even half is enough."

Saeba "What do you mean "even half is enough"! You're making it bigger.

I don't have a penny to give to you!"

Raiko "Oh dear, can you say such a thing? By the way, isn't Shinchan's girlfriend cute?"

Saeba "Wha.....,

I don't have a girlfriend!"

Raiko "You claim innocence.

Then, will you still claim after looking this?"

Raiko in sunglasses

Raiko "Well, I never thought that nihilistic, cool and serious Saeba was doing a healthy high school student properly with a girlfriend..."

Raiko "This, may I take this to newspaper club? Or won't anyone buy this at good price?"

Raiko "Hey, wanna buy? Shinchan."

Saeba "Agh... you fucking badboy...

Holy shit! Take this!"

Raiko "Thank you for your yens!"

Masked Fire

After defeating anyone
Pro-wresting is the strongest in the world! Budget is mine!