Metal Gear

Made in 1987
This game is one of those all time greatest in gaming history.
No shoot-em-all, kill-kill-kill action in this one but a highly tensed atmosphere game were you must sneak around making sure you didn't get discovered, while revealling a well told story.
It wasn't until 1999 that non MSXers get the change to play the tirdh Metal Gear incaration: Metal Gear Solid.
This was game of the year on the Sony Playstation. While the press got wild about this 'new' kind of game, a lot of MSXers loved the deja-vu effect of playing one of their classicals in a new perspective.
A lot of the sounds in the game are the same is in the old MSX games
The sequal "Metal Gear 2 : Solid Snake" enhanced this eperience by increasing the detaillevel even more.


Produced in 1990
Together with SD-Snatcher these are the greatest productions off Konami on the MSX. The detail in this game is astonishing. You really see the guards look arround , the nude scenes in the sauna are censured, the riple on the receiver screen of your transceiver, smoke a sigaret and you will see Snake with a cigaret in his mouth on the tranceiver, the different footstepsounds when you walk over different surfaces ( ofcourse this sounds can betray you to the guardes) ...
And best of all: One incedribly developped and satisfaing story.

Alas, at the time of publishing, the MSX wasn't comercially intersting anymore outside of Japan, so this game was released only in Japan