Companies who once produced some kind of MSX hardware

Electric Software
Hudson soft

Brother (Japan)
Canon (Japan)
V20 MSX1 , 64Kram
V25 MSX2 , ??Kram
T22A Thermical printer 80 columns.
VJ200 Joystick.
VF100 3'1/2 720K disk drive.
VG200 Graphic tablet (same design as the Philips).

Casio (Japan)


Datanet (Argentina)

Daewoo / Yeno (Korea)

DPC-64 MSX1 , 64Kram
MX64 MSX1 , 64Kram
CPC300 MSX2 , 128Kram

Dragon (Spain)

MSX64 MSX1 , 64Kram
??? 3'1/2 disk drive.

Dynadata (MSX for Daewoo in Spain)

DPC-200 MSX1 , 64Kram
Triton 2'8 quick disk drive.

Fujitsu (Japan)

MB-H1 MSX1 , ??Kram

Goldstar (Korea)

FC100 MSX1 , 16Kram
FC200 MSX1 , 64Kram

Gradiente (Brazil)


Hitachi (Japan)

MB-H2 MSX1 , 64Kram, Build in tape recorder.
??? Graphic tablet.

Hotbit (SHARP in Brazil)

HOTBIT 1.1 MSX1 , ??Kram
HOTBIT 1.2 MSX1 , ??Kram

JVC / Victor (Japan)

HC-7E MSX1 , 64Kram
HC-9S MSX2 , ??Kram, digitalisation.
JVCF303 360K 3'1/2 disk drive.
??? Midi interface.
HC-J615 MSX joystick.

Kyocera (Japan)

Laser (France)

Laser MSX2 MSX2 , 128Kram, No disk drive, (only 1 exemplar was related to be available.

Mitsubishi (Japan)

MLF80 MSX1 , 64Kram
MLFX1 MSX1 , 64Kram
MLFX2 MSX1 , 64Kram
ML-G1 MSX2 , ??Kram
ML-G3 MSX2 , ??Kram (word processor..).
ROBO Robot piloted by MSX.
ML-10MA Mouse.
ML-10DR Tape recorder.
ML-30FD 3'1/2 720K disk drive.

National (Japan)

FS-5500F2 MSX2 ,128 Kram, 2 720K 3'1/2 disk drives, digitalisation

NEC (Japan)

Olympia (France)

PHC28 MSX1 , 32Kram, Made by Sanyo's PHC28S
PHC2 MSX1 , 64Kram, Made by Sanyo's PHC28L

Panasonic / Matsushita (Japan)

CF-2700 MSX1 , 64Kram
FSA1WX MSX2 , 256kram, 1 720K 3'1/2 disk-drive, Ren-sha speed controler, FM-PAC.
FSA1-ST Turbo-R, 256kram, 1 720K 3'1/2 disk-drive, FM-PAC,PCM
FSA1-GT Turbo-R, 512kram, 1 720K 3'1/2 disk-drive, midi interface,FM-PAC,PCM.
RQ-8100 Tape recorder.
CF-2201 MSX joystick.

Pioneer (JAPAN)

PX-7 palcom MSX1 , 32Kram, disk interface, superimpose and digitizing, separated keyboard.
PX-TB7 Graphic tablet (Sold with a rom cartidge).

Philips (Netherland)

VG8000 MSX1 , 16Kram
VG8010 MSX1 , 32Kram
VG8020 MSX1 , 64Kram
VG8230 MSX2 , 64Kram 360K 3'1/2 drive.
VG8235-00 MSX2 , 128Kram 360K 3'1/2 drive.
VG8235-20 MSX2 , '' '' '' '' '
VG8240 MSX2
VG8220 MSX2 , 64 Kram, build in 'Designer' program.
VG/NMS8245 MSX2 , 128Kram, 1 720K 3'1/2 disk-drive.
NMS8250 MSX2 , 128Kram, 1 720K 3'1/2 disk-drive, seperated keyboard.
NMS8255 MSX2 , 128Kram, Same as NMS8250 but has 2 720K 3'1/2 disk-drives.
NMS8280 MSX2 , 128Kram, Same as NMS8255 but has superimpose/digitalisation.
VY0010 360K 3'1/2 disk drive.
VY0011 Same as VY010 but used as DRIVE B:
VY030 Tape recorder.
D6450 Tape recorder.
6600/60P Tape recorder.
VW0010 Printer 40 columns.
VW0020 Printer 80 columns.
VW0030 Printer 80 columns qualité courrier.
NMS1421 Printer 80 columns
NMS1431 Printer 80 columns qualité courrier.
VU0064 64K ram extension.
NMS1205 Music module (MSX AUDIO cartridge.)
NMS1160 Keyboard for NMS1205.
SBC3810 Mouse.
NMS1150 Tablette Graphique.
VU0060 Tablette Graphique.
??? CDROM interface for MSX 2 (presented on the FIRATO SHOW 86 with a road-map software.
NMS1250 Modem.

Radiola (France)

MX180 MSX1 , 32Kram, Made by Philips VG8010 with different color scheme couleur

Sakhr (Kuwait) Ordinateur Msx fabriqué par Yamaha et Sanyo modifié pour les Pays Arabe AX170 : MSX1 , 64Kram.

AX350 MSX2 , 128Kram, Yamaha motherboard, 1 720K 3'1/2 disk drive, RS232C interface, special roms, compatible with Yamaha's extensions.
AX500 MSX2 , 256Kram, Yamaha motherboard, 2 720K 3'1/2 disk drives, special roms with WORDSTAR 2000.
?? Laser printer.
AD-P1 Printer 80 columns.
AD-500 Printer 80 columns bidirectionnal.
FD-05 720K 3'1/2 disk drive (made by CANON VF100).
AFD-01 360K 3'1/2 disk drive.
??? Quick disk drive (2''8).
GT-01 Palette Graphique.
??? Mouse
??? Coran megarom, 1Mo (this cartidge have the same size as the music module).

Samsung (Korea)

Sanyo (Japan)

PHC28S MSX1 , 16 or 32Kram
PHC28L MSX1 , 64Kram, Same as PHC28S but with 64Kram.
PHC30 MSX1 , ??, Build in tape recorder.
MPC100 MSX1 , 64Kram
WAVY-10 MSX1 , 32Kram, Build in light pen unit.
WAVY-23 MSX2 , ??, No disk drive.
WAVY-77 MSX2 , ??, Portable MSX2 with build-in printer.
WAVY-70 MSX2 , 64kram, 1 720K 3'1/2 disk drive + ??.
DR202A Tape recorder.
DR303 Tape recorder.
SMP30 4 colors printer.
MRP64 64Kram extension.
MJY-002 Joystick.
MFD-001 5'1/4 360K disk drive.
MFD-002 same as MFD-001 but used as 2nd drive.
MLP-001 Light pen unit.


MC8010 MSX1 , 32Kram, Made by Philips, VG8010 with a different color case.

Sharp (Japan)

Sony (Japan) HB101P, or HB101F or HB700D.

HB55 MSX1 , 16Kram
HB75 MSX1 , 64Kram, build in agenda program.
HB101 MSX1 , 32Kram, Same as HB201 but with 32Kram.
HB201 MSX1 , 64Kram, Same as HB501 without tape recorder.
HB10 MSX1 , ??
HB20 MSX1 , ??
HB501 MSX1 , 64Kram, build in tape recorder, pause button, 'joystick'.
HBF-500 MSX2 , 64Kram, 1 720K 3'1/2 disk drive.
HBF-700 MSX2 , 256Kram, Same as HBF500 with with more ram.
HBG-900 MSX2 , 64Kram, Same as HBG-500 with superimpose and digitizing capacities and RS232C interface.
HBF9 MSX2 , 128Kram, No disk drive but build in programs.
HBF1 MSX2 , 64Kram, Ren-sha speed controler, no drive.
HBF1XD MSX2 , 64Kram, Same as HBF1 with 720K 3'1/2 disk drive.
HBF1 II MSX2 , ??
HB-T7 MSX2 , ??, build in modem.
F1XD-J MSX2 , ??, 1 720K 3'1/2 disk drive + ??.
HBD-50 360K 3'1/2 disk drive.
HBD30X 720K 3'1/2 disk drive.
HBK30 720K disk drive interface.
PRNT24 Thermical color printer 40 columns.
PRNC-41 Color printer.
PRN-MO9 Printer 80 columns.
HBI-55 Data cartidge.
JS55 Joystick.
JS-C75 Cordless joystick.
JS-75 Cordless Joystick.
JS-70 Joystick.
JS-33 Joypad.
GB5E Trackball.
NIU-100EP UMATIC video recorder controler for HBG900.
??? RS232C interface.
HDI-V1 Digitalisation cartridge for screen 12.
HBP-F1C Thermical color printer.
HBM-16 16K ram extension.
HBM-64 64K ram extension.
WS2793-02 Disk interface pour HBD-50.
SDC-500 Tape recorder.

Spectravideo (HONG-KONG / USA)

SVI728 MSX1 , 64Kram, Numeric keypad.
SVI738 MSX1 , 64Kram, build in 80 columns card, RS232C, 360K 3'1/2 disk drive. Also called X'press also SVI318 and SVI328 MSX compatible with an emulator.
SVI707 5'1/4 disk drive.
SVI787 Same as SVI707 but used as drive B:
SVI2000B Robot arm piloted by the MSX with ROGO language.
SVI-727 80 columns card.
??? RS232C interface.
SVI-737 ???
SVI-747 64Kram extension.
SVI-757 ???
SVI-767 Tape recorder.
SVI-2 ???
SVI101 MSX Joystick.
SVI808 Modem.

Talent/Telematica (Argentina)

DPC200 MSX1 , 64Kram, made by Daewoo's.
TPC-310 MSX2 , 128Kram

Toshiba (Japan)

HX-10DPN MSX1 , 64Kram, Build in program (??)
HX-20 MSX1 , 64Kram, Build in wordprocessor.
HX-22 MSX1 , ??Kram
HX34 MSX2 , 64Kram, 1 720K 3'1/2 disk drive.
HX23F MSX2 , 128Kram, No disk drive.
??? MSX AUDIO cartidge.
HX-MU901 Music keyboard for MSX (to use with MSX audio card).
HXP550 Printer.
HX-J4000 Joystick.
HX-F101 3'1/2 360K disk drive.
HX-R700 RS232C interface.
HX-D570 Printer.

Yamaha (Japan)

YIS303 MSX1 , 16Kram
YIS-503 MSX1 , 32Kram
CX5M MSX1 , 32Kram, Build in FM synthetiser.
CX5MII MSX1 , 64Kram, '' '' ''
CX5MII/128 MSX1 , 128Kram, '' '' ''
YIS604 MSX2 , ??
UDC-01 Memory card.

Yashica (Japan)

YC-64 MSX1 , 64Kram, Kyocera's MSX sold by Yashica.

Products from software houses
Electric Software

Softcard adaptator.

HAL (Japan)

CAT Trackball sold with the graphic program EDDY 2.

Hudson Soft (Japan)

Joycard MSX joypad.

Konami (Japan)

HYPERSHOT Special joypad designed only for HYPER SPORT series.


MA-20 Extension from MSX 1 to MSX 2
MS-10 Mouse.

Zemina (Korea)

??? Slot expender (2 slots).
??? Slot expender (4 slots).
??? Nintendo cartridges interface.
??? FM PAC without Sram.