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This is my personal tribute to the greatest 8 bitter ever made.

There are plenty of things to tell about this great standard.

I have tried to find out about its history. I can tell you about the birth of the system and its evolution up until now.
I also collected some nice statistics  

Those who never worked with MSX but always used computers that had to be upgraded every week to run the latest version of package X or Y, may not find a reason why they should even like such an old standard. I'll tel you why I like it.

Ofcourse some people just wonder what did it look like. Ofcourse there are pictures of some the different hardware cases you can find an MSX motherboard in. Other have more fun of looking at screenshots so that they know what style of graphics are popular on the MSX. You may even want to have a look at some Konami specialities they putted in their ROM's.

If you're interested in the MSX system, your best bet is to use an emulator and find some of the progs on the net for it.

There are a lot of links in my site to thirth party sites, they are inserted at the appropriate places. Therefore I don't feel the need to build my own link page. I only wish to link explicitely to a site that's been collecting links for some time now. It's my favorite startpoint if I want to go surf on the Net looking for MSX-stuff.

I'm also the founder of the Compjoetania TNG, so go visit us !
No general MSX-stuff here, only C-TNG related info.

Some people have asked me why I started with MSX and how my involvement as evoluated over time.In my personall MSX-history I give a rather ellaborated personnal history. I wrote this from a personnal viewpoint, from the things I recall as being important, so don't blame me if I screwed up some dates and synchronisies.