The KONAMI gallery

If you want to have a look at game pictures on the MSX, it's impossible to skip the legendary Japanese compagny KONAMI. This page will take you to different other pages all dedicated to one game. If possible I'll show multiple screenshots of the game. Not only the MSX versions will be shown but if possible also the arcade version.

Some MSX1 games

When you look at the screens keep in mind the restrictions one has to be aware of when converting something to a MSX 1 screen. Those MSX1 screens have a resolution of 256 by 192 and have a fixed palet of 16 colors. Because they are internally made up of a special kind of charactermode, these screens are made up of 32 by 24 characters. These characters have an extra limitation that on a horizontal line you can only use 2 colors. So you have to take extra care in aligning colors. And the results they created are amazing. (Especially when compared to bitmapped,thousand plus color pictures of the arcade machines)

F1 Spirit

Some MSX2 games

The MSX2 pictures have a resolution have a resolution of 256 by 212 pixels. The most used screen mode for games is able to display 16 colors out of a pallet of 512. Altough demo makers somethings switched the colortables during display of screen this could result in more then 16 different colors on screen, but they were still limited to 16 colors for three lines. This trick is never used in a game, it's to time consuming.
Some MSX2 games still use a character mode like the MSX1 games but the change the colors for better effect (ex. Space Mambow)

Contra (Gryzor)
SD Snatcher
Space Mambow
Kings Valley 2
F1 Spirit
Metal Gear
Vampire Killer