The gallery

Most people don't know what the MSX looked like, nor its programms. Those unlucky persons can use this gallery to get familiar with the MSX style.
As we all know every homecomputer had its own house style. This were always a result of the used videochips and the style of the programs made by the software who dominated the market for that computer.
For this reason this gallery is split up into different parts.

The games section
Go and have a look at some of the classical games for MSX.
Did you know that konami did it's conversions for homecomputers sollely for MSX, for all the other computers they used to give the rights to other firms. In the games section I have tried to give an inpression also of the conversion quality.
Therefore if place, where ever possible, some screenshots from the arcade.
The Konami gallery
Misc. games gallery

I also made a rearrangement of a beautifull gamepage
BeBop Bout

The art gallery
Ofcourse there were also drawings made just for fun. These drawings are very inspiring. You have to realise that these drawings use only sixteen colors.